About Us

mcubed-tech.com’s  Intellectual property lawyers protect the freedom of those who invent or create creative things to profit from art and work. Intellectual property attorneys need to control areas such as copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial rights, reproduction or infringement, trade dress, corporate secrets and rights, and breeding.

Intellectual property lawyers must have deductive reasoning skills, good argumentation and argument skills. Lawyers also need to know technical information and pay attention to details. An intellectual property attorney with the right kind of skills and intellectual knowledge will take on the creative and unique work of our clients. Intellectual property attorneys may work individually or with businesses and government agencies. If necessary, mcubed-tech.com’s litigation team will handle intellectual property disputes in the courts of international and national organizations.

With our rich court experience, we are able to analyze and realistically assess the enforceability of non-compete obligations and non-compete contracts, and provide our clients with valuable business assets. We help you protect your assets or confidential business information. We keep our business goals in mind and provide clients in a variety of industries with specific advice, resources and solutions. Our team works closely with our customers to keep their ideas and technology secure and focus on what they do best.

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